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Exploratory talks with RUDLOFF Feldsaaten GmbH
With our new software AGRAR21 for Seed we were able to arouse the interest of Rudloff Feldsaaten GmbH . The company may refer to many years of tradition and experience and stands for ... read more

Seed trading day 2016
Seed traders, seed producers and propagators get together on 9 – 10 June 2016 in Magdeburg to meet on this year’s seed trading day. We are there, too, as exhibitor and sponsor! We ... read more

NEW: AGRAR21 for Seeds
Seeds and plants are natural products. Crop and harvest yield depend mainly on the moods of Mother Nature. These are aspects which cannot be influenced nor steered in any way. It is therefore ... read more


New Uniface version

The new Uniface version (Version 9) by Compuware is now available.

The focus of the new version is the improvements in the area of GUI support (Graphic-User-Interface).
In addition, the version brings some new functions, like:

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Our goal:

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